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NO MINIMUM PURCHASE -- You can order just ONE custom patch if you want!*
  • You Pick The Size, Color, Style, and Layout from our Established Designs
  • Any saying that you want produced and shipped within 5 business days**


    You Design It!

    Here at XpressMart.com you can design your own custom name/saying patch easily through this on-line store. You customize the text for your patch, and you also select the colors for the patch and text. You will also have the option of selecting from our standard graphics on select patches. To begin designing your custom embroidered patch, select one of the options below:
    Design Your Patch Based on the Size of the Patch You Want to Use:
  • 4" x 1" Patch
  • 4" x 1" Patch with Name / Saying
  • 4" x 1" Patch with State
  • 4" x 1" Patch with Officer Title
  • 4" x 1" Patch with Event
  • 4" x 2" Patch with 1 Line of Text
  • 4" x 2" Patch with 2 Lines of Text
  • 4" x 2" Memorial Patch
  • 4" x 2" Patch with "I Rode Mine" Event
  • 4" x 3" Patch with 3 Lines of Text
  • 4" x 3" Patch with 4 Lines of Text
  • 4" x 3" Memorial Patch
  • 4" x 3" Patch with Text & Image
  • 7" x 3" Jumbo Patch with Text Only
  • 7" x 3" Jumbo Patch with Text & Image
  • 6" x 6" Patch with Text Only
  • 3" Round Patch
  • 3" Round Patch with Image
  • 3" Round Patch with State Abbreviation
  • 6" x 1" Military Tape
  • Design Your Patch Based on the Amount of Text You Want to Include:
    (limit is 15 characters per line)
  • One Line of Text
  • Two Lines of Text
  • Three Lines of Text
  • Four Lines of Text
  • Five Lines of Text
  • Six Lines of Text
  • Seven Lines of Text
  • 7" x 3" Patches with Text Only
  • 7" x 3" Jumbo Patches with Text & Image
  • 6" x 6" Patch with Text Only
  • Round Patches with Saying or Image

    Memorial Patches

    We also give you the opportunity to design great looking Memorial Patches. This is our most popular style of custom patch, so we've organized them here so that they are easy to find. If you want to memorialize a friend or loved one with an embroidered patch, select from the following Memorial Patch Styles:

  • "In Memory Of" Patches
  • "Never Forgotten" Patches
  • "R I P" Patches
  • "Rest In Peace" Patches
  • Our Sayings . . . You Pick the Colors
    In this area, we offer over a hundred different common and popular sayings. Because we provide the saying, the cost is a little less than designing your own patch. You still select the patch color, and text color.

    CLICK HERE to view our Custom Color Saying Patches
    Other Custom Patch Ideas

    We understand that everyone is looking for something special, and some of you are looking for something different. Below are some Other Patch Styles that are very popular.

    "I Love" and "I Love My" Patches "Sober Since" Sobriety Patches
    Patches with Special Fonts
    "I Rode Mine", "I Towed Mine",
    and Event Patches
    Round Patch with Image
    Round Patch with State Abbreviation
    4 x 1 Patch with State
    4 x 1 Patch with Officer Title
    Blank (unembroidered) Patches

    BLANK (unembroidered) PATCHES
    have been added to our site by request. If you'd like a blank patch to embroider yourself, or if you simply want to decorate it with specialty pens, this is the place to purchase various colors and sizes.
    Don't See What You Want?
    We are currently limiting patch production to patches that include primarily text. The only graphics that we are prepared to offer at this time are the simple symbols that are available on the "JUMBO" patches that are illustrated on our website.
    All of our patch designs currently limit customers to 15 characters per line. If the design that you desire absolutely requires MORE THAN 15 characters, please contact us by email and we may be able to accommodate your request. In the email message, tell us the specific text that you want to include on the patch, and we will get back to you with your options. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US REQUESTS FOR CUSTOM PATCHES BEYOND THOSE STYLES OFFERED ON OUR WEBSITE! IF YOU SEND A REQUEST FOR A PATCH STYLE THAT WE DO NOT OFFER, THE REQUEST WILL BE IGNORED.  
    Custom Product Information
    TWILL / PATCH COLORS: All of our custom patches allow for the choice of Black Twill Patches (with black trim) or White Twill Patches (with white trim) at no additional charge. Patches that make use of our 4" x 2" size patches also provide the option of additional twill colors. The current colors that are available are Black or White (at no additional charge), as well as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Olive, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, and Purple. Samples of those twill colors are displayed below.

    Custom Twill Color Choices

    TEXT / THREAD COLORS: Some of our patch designs offer color options. The colors that are available are illustrated below (there may be some color variation at the time of manufacture). Please take into account the color of the patch that you are ordering when selecting thread color

    Custom Thread Color Choices

    Fluorescent colors are ELECTRIC ORANGE, ELECTRIC YELLOW, ELECTRIC GREEN, AND ELECTRIC PINK. While it is difficult to illustrate examples using fluorescent colors (due to the glare and odd display colors caused when photographic and scanning), we are able to display the basic color and properties of each fluorescent thread below. Realize that the final embroidered colors will be very bright. We suggest the use of fluorescent colors on DARK TWILL ONLY:

    Custom Fluorescent Thread Choices

    Metallic options are GOLD METALLIC and SILVER METALLIC. While it is difficult to illustrate examples using metallic thread colors (due to reflections when photographing and scanning), we are able to display the basic color and properties of each metallic thread type below:
    Custom Metallic Thread Choices
    There is generally an up charge associated with some colors and all metallic colors. The up charges is due to the addional cost of some threads (metallic thread is very expensive), as well as the labor involved in changing colors for jobs. Embroidery with metallic thread also requires the use of special needles, and the sewing process is slower. Hopefully this helps to explain the higher charge for these options.
    Order Minimums


    Shipping & Delivery Times


    Custom products are produced when your order is placed. If your order includes ANY custom products, your order will be shipped within 5 business days.

    If custom products and non-custom products are combined in an order, your entire order will be shipped at one time. Therefore, your entire order will be shipped within 5 business days.


    Orders that include 15 or more custom pieces (whether individual designs or 15 of the same design) will have an extended delivery time. Custom products are produced on an individual basis. Orders that include15 OR MORE pieces may take longer than our standard lead times. Custom product orders FOR 15 OR MORE pieces will be produced and shipped within 14 business days.


    ABOUT OUR CUSTOM EMBROIDERED PATCHES XpressMart.com is proud to offer a wide selection of custom embroidered products to the public through our easy to use on-line interface. Unlike most custom embroidery companies, we have NO MINIMUM PURCHASE required. That means that you can order JUST ONE patch with your name on it if you want!

    While we cater to Bikers and Motorcycle Enthusiasts in our on-line store, we offer our custom embroidered products to EVERYONE -- Bikers and non-Bikers alike. So, if you are a Biker and you feel comfortable in our site, great . . . if you aren't a Biker, please don't feel intimidated. This site is for you too!

    Since we started offering our custom embroidery products in June of 2004, we have been overwhelmed with requests from motorcyle enthusiasts, military and retired military, clubs and organizations, and small business owners. They have all taken advantage of our easy to order custom-embroidered products, and many of our customers have come back to re-order or to place new and different orders.

    We know that our customers don't fit into any type of "stereotype". They are all different and they all have different wants and needs as far as custom embroidered products go. For that reason, you will find a variety of different custom products to meet our growing customer base.

    There is NO MINIMUM number of patches that must be ordered as long as you are selecting from the Established Designs that are outlined in our on-line store. This does not apply to Special Orders.
    Custom orders are shipped within 5 business days. Orders for more than 15 patches are shipped within 14 business days. See "Shipping and Delivery Times" above for complete details. Sayings are subject to licensing and trademark laws.
    Harley-Davidson Patches
    HD Patches for sale. Hard-to-Find and Out-of Print styles available for fast shipping.
    "In Memory of" Patches
    Custom "In-Memory" patches made to order. NO MINIMUM.
    Embroidered Patches
    Hundreds of styles to choose from. Specializing in patches for Bikers and patriotic patches.
    Custom Embroidered Patches
    You pick the sayings, colors, and style. We do the work. No Minimum Order on custom patches.
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